Team Ford Blog Post - Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Your Ford


Seasons in the Midwest always have a way of keeping us on our toes, from humid summers and bitter-cold winters to those bizarre “Twilight Zone” moments when we get snow in May. Because of this, some of us might get in the habit of checking the weather and dressing accordingly before we go about our day. Just like we make sure we are ready to handle the elements, our vehicles need to be prepared for the changing seasons. Car maintenance for each season will be good for your ride and will also be a great confidence booster, knowing that your Ford vehicle is ready to hit the road, snow, or shine. Let’s dive into some seasonal car care tips:
Spring Maintenance

Winter’s over, fingers crossed! Now is the time to give your Ford some spring-cleaning TLC.

  • Give Your Ford A Wash

    Tormented by road salt no longer, take advantage of the nicer weather and give your car a good wash. After a thorough cleaning, be on the lookout for any potential signs of rust, corrosion, or wear on the vehicle body and chassis. Make a note of any areas that might be of concern to you and have our certified Ford technicians take a look during your next scheduled maintenance appointment.

  • Prep The Tires

    If you have winter tires on, time to have those swapped out for non-snow or all-season tires. For those exclusively using all-season tires, have them rotated. Also, adjust the tire pressure to the suggested PSI. As the air temperature rises, so does the air pressure in your tires. Ensuring each tire is set the optimal PSI for fuel efficiency and driving control.

  • Check Suspension & Tire Alignment

    The relentless freezing and thawing of the ground do a number on the pavement. Come springtime potholes and heaved-up road sections can knock off tire alignment, and damage suspension. A few ways to determine if the wheel alignment is off is if you notice the car is drifting or pulling to one side, your steering wheel is vibrating, or there’s uneven tire wear. A few ways to identify possible suspension damage is if your car is sitting lower on one side than another, you experience difficulty steering or begin feeling every bump in the road.

Summer Maintenance

The sun shines longer, and the temperature is on the rise. Make sure your ride is ready to handle the heat.

  • Check Air Conditioning

    A necessity in the sweltering heat, you should check that the AC system is operating correctly before getting too far into summer. If your AC isn’t blowing cold air, have the system inspected by a Ford technician. It may need to be recharged with refrigerant or may have other issues that need to be corrected.

  • Inspect The Cooling System & Other Fluid

    The summer temps can be hard on an engine, and a car’s cooling system prevents overheating. Stats show that engine overheating is the leading cause of breakdowns during this season. Your vehicle’s cooling system should have its coolant levels checked out. If you are going to check the coolant levels personally, turn the engine off and wait for the engine to cool down before removing the radiator cap. Check the levels for your engine oil, brakes fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid too.

  • Evaluate The Brakes

    Before getting into the more dreary weather of fall and winter, be sure to gauge how your brakes are performing. If you experience the issue of brakes becoming spongier when you step on the brake pedal or if you hear grinding, squeaking sounds, you should have them inspected.

  • Test the Battery

    Having a poorly performing battery isn’t good in hot or cold weather. Having the battery inspected ensures you’ll be ready for summer and the upcoming colder seasons. Always carry some jumper cables in your car in the event you do need a charge.

Fall & Winter Maintenance

The summer fun is over as the seasons trade green grass and rain for falling leaves and snow. During these months, driving conditions can change rapidly. It’s time to prepare your Ford for the cold roads ahead.

  • Remove Fall Debris

    Leaves and other debris from fall can easily find their way into places inside your vehicle where they shouldn’t be. Take the time to remove this rubbish from the vents just below the windshield and any area that might affect the water channeling. If you have a sunroof, open it up and check to see if there is any debris that might prevent having a good closing seal.

  • Replace Washer Fluid

    Freezing and icy conditions can make having a clean windshield difficult. To be better prepared for having a clear view, replace your windshield washer fluid with one that has a lower freezing point. Also, having this type of fluid keeps the washing system from freezing up.

  • Prep The Tires Again

    Make sure your tires are filled to the correct PSI for colder temps. If you have all-season tires, lookout for any signs of uneven wear or lack of tread. For those that have winter tires, get them installed and ready for the winter ahead.

  • Check The Defrost & Heater

    For safety and comfort, the heater and defrost system are critical to have in fall and winter. Test to see if both systems are working by feeling if warm air coming out of each vent. Have it inspected further when the systems are not performing correctly.

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